čtvrtek 12. ledna 2012

12 January 2012 afternoon

What a mindfuck.

At home and a schoolmate comes to visit me. We talk, we wath movies and randomly we decide we shall take a bath. We're in the bathroom and I suddenly start to choke. I cough and I feel like I am going to cough my lungs out, but I still need to get that thing out of my throat. The friend says I should only hope I'm not coughing blood. When I finally cought that "thing" out, it's a kind of a phlegmy mess, that's kind of purple/black. But I still have to cough and then I cough out a lot of blood.
I leave the bathroom and reach for my phone, because I thought I've heard it ring. I am trying to get it work, but it froze, so I think I shall put it rechargin, but the electricity is occupied my schoolmate's laptop.

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