pondělí 14. listopadu 2011

14 November

On a small island in the middle of the lake, fighting against some baddies, who are some creatures made of fire, that can still burn under the water.

Then I am in a beautiful dark forest in the middle of the night, following some guy I know and fell for, he tells me that he's going the other way and he shows no interest. So I go away, hoping to crash into him some other time.

I enter the theatre I work at, wearing new shoes on heels, the man who works behind the cash desk is surprised to see me in something different than my usual Steel boots. I know I am there too early, but I still wait for some performance (wtf, why?) to end. I am (no idea why) on the place for cloakroom and there are three other guys and we have some fake guns and we try to "kill" each other from two teams - snipers and attackers. I manage to "kill" one of the snipers and then try to "kill" the other one, but he is too far away.

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