neděle 30. října 2011

30 October 2011

Something like a park, soon looking like a graveyard. Many people going around, I realize it's a time of WW2. Phew. Some nazis going around, being nazis to other people, bullying jews and stuff like that. In order to keep myself safe, someone just gets me nazi uniform and I "become" one of them.

Then I notice some guy, who is supposedly my husband (wtf) and I just run to him, hug him and tell him I missed him so. Apparently, there is another woman with him, dunno who, but I don't care who she is. And then there are some kids, who are supposed to be mine (double wtf). They are browsing through some pictures and I tell them those are famour czech gothic cathedrals and that I want to take them there.

End of story I didn't quite understood.

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