pátek 14. října 2011

14 October 2011

A city, similar to a british village (though I know it is a city). Dark sky, dramatic clouds, but the city is light. I am carrying a bottle of wine and notice a helicopter landing. It has a finnish flag on it, I have no idea what the hell is a finnish helicopter doing there.

Then I have seen some small tornadoes, black spirals going aroudn there. I grab my camera and try to take a picture of them. Some boy besides me accidentally gets caught by the wind whirl, but nothing happens to him.

I am in a train/bus/whatever and some guy is talking to me. He starts to touch my hands and then he kisses me. I told him to stop and I go away.

A glass house, with beautiful interior, toned to purple and black. Everything matches nicely. Someone walks to me and gives me money, like a big amount of money, about 3500 CZK (yea thats kinda a big amount for me, shut up) and says "because you deserve it."

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