úterý 6. září 2011

06 September 2011

I am returning home from somewhere, I go through the old town in Prague, around one church. It's the middle of the day and around that church there is a lot of police cars and when I ask what is going on, they tell me that some sniper was shooting here and they can't find him, so we have to be careful. I slowly go around the cathedral and someone just suddenly grabs me by my coat and pushes me on the wall saying I shall be more careful and that I shall stay here and wait until he comes back. It's some photographer (omg and here I go again, he looks like J.S. who I mentioned in the dream before). In a while he comes back and says he waits for some interesting light to happen. It starts raining and the clouds are very dark, but the sun shines through them, along with some white mist, so the whole scenery is getting very interesting, with the police cars about to arrest the found sniper/terrorist/who the hell was that. I am now thinking damn what a pity I don't have my camera.

My phone rings so I pick it up and it is my mom calling where am I that I should have been at home already, so I tell her what is happening here and that the trams and busses aren't going because of that. I also notice that the photographer is taking a picture of me. When I am finished with the phonecall, he grabs me into some pub where he buys me a beer and I ask him to send me the photos he has taken, because the scenery was just very interesting, I didn't have my camera and also that I am very much interested in how the photos he took came out. He asks for my e-mail and phone number. Then he offers me that he would take me home so he will be sure nothing happens to me. It is dark outside already and we happen to end up in his small apartment with a photolab.

Wish I didn't wake up, would love to know what happened next...!

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