sobota 3. září 2011

03 September 2011

We are in a bus. I am sitting next to a man named J.S.. Oh his eyes, so pretty. After a while the bus stops and we are forced to go out, because of some accident that happened there. JS and a couple of other people are getting a bit impatient, because it starts to rain and we are still not allowed to get back into the bus. The police says some woman was murdered there.
After some time we finally can go back to the bus and when we are on the road again, JS starts talking to me about how something in his life went completely wrong. I try to calm him down, telling him that even when it is wrong it must have happened for a reason. He smiles at me, says that I am a very supportive person. Then he says that he is so glad he met me, put his arms around me and gives me a kiss (I wish it would never stop!).

Then, I don't know why, he suddenly changes to another man. It's Te.S. He says that he wants to take me to his hometown, so I could see the world. Why not! Then I start talking about a certain tattoo in a certain language I want, well a coincidence, he happens to be a person from that country and also a tattoo artist. We are no longer in that bus, but in some very pretty village. The weather is amazing and the nature around so damn spectacular. I ask him if that language happens to be written correctly, because I am not quite sure and he says that it is.

Somehow, he takes me through the center of the town to some mountain peak, from which we go back to some inner garden, where a small shop is. He buys me some "typical" food there, it's very sweet but good and - why on earth - TS is gone and instead of him there is a person I wish to never see in my life again, my ex. I am not talking to him, as he is talking to another people.
I am just standing there, watching the amazing scenery (above the trees, that are lit with sunshine, there are dark misty clouds) and hitting my head on the wall that I don't have my camera with me.

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