sobota 20. srpna 2011

20 August 2011

We arrive to Ireland by a car with my friend and a couple of two other girls and their mom. We get out of a car and are like "yeah we're in Ireland now let's head to the pub!" So we find this small "pub" in some kind of a trailer, we get ourselves some beer. After a while we are about to leave, I accidentally break the glass while handing it back to the waiter, he looks pissed and says I need to pay for it, wot which I say no problem, but he is still pissed. No idea why.
Then when we're out of the "trailer-pub" with my friend we now need to look for our hostel, so I just go to a first person I see and ask where is this and this street. That woman just says "oh it's over there, just go straight on, cross the river and take the first turn right."
So we go and after few minutes we reach the place thinking "wow Dublin is really small!"
We get to the reception, the woman there asks us for our names and some "ID cards" to have as deposit or something. She takes my ID, my ISIC card and also my Prague public transportation card. Okay... Then I ask her taht we want to buy breakfast additionally and she says that they have no canteen in the hostel, so we can't buy breafast. She gives us our keys and we head to our rooms.
When there, we find out that all the rooms on that floor are "connected" with doors. That we have 2 bathrooms there and both have 2 doors. So you need to lock one door on the other side so the people from the other room won't get in there. The I notice that outside there is some supermarket and say we shall go and buy ourselves some food for the morning. We take our money and go, but before we actually manage to go to the store, we happen to go around Trinity college, where the girl who is supposed to be our guide there studies. Of course we meet her just leaving the college and I am very excited to meet her, so is she. She asks me what are we up to now that she would love to go to some pub with us and party.

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