čtvrtek 18. srpna 2011

18 August 2011

In a castle, waiting for some important guests to arrive.
The guards/soldiers are half ours, half guest's. When the feast begins, I realised I need to look for something so I just go through the hall and further to the castle, I pass 3 rooms, by the walls are still standing those soldiers, mixed (like one ours, one theirs, one ours, one theirs and so on). I enter some darker room and I realize some soldiers are following me, so I start running away.

I appear in some room, where there is a wounded soldier, he tells me he's dying and that he wants to kiss a girl for the last time before he dies. Before I try to say something, he kissed me and after a while of saying something he seems to be dead. So I leave to find someone to announce there is a dead man, while I notice he got up, came to the window and jumped out of it. I screamed and went to see wheter is he injured, all I see is him lying on the rocks and stones with his skull cracked.

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