pátek 5. srpna 2011

05 August 2011

There was a Rome concert planned in a club I haven't been before. When we managed to get there, someone says that the concert is in the "presentation" room. So I left my bag with everything upstairst in the pub and followed a bunch of people downstairs. We were going down on a dark staircase and then we reached a dark corridor. There were three of us, me, some girl and some guy. That guy managed to find a lighter and guided us through the entire corridor until we reached the "presentation room" . The people there told us they were onyl waiting for us to begin.
So we eventually sat down (I met my friend there who I have no idea how she managed to get there faster than me!) and waited for the show to begin, firstly there was some "movie" or some "presentation" about inner dreams and stuff like that. I started to panic after a while because I left my whole bag upstairs, so in the middle of the presentation I went out to find my way back to the upstairs pub. I had to take a different path, which was way more complicated.
I found my bag, untouched, unharmed with all the things that had to be there and decided to return back to the downstairs room to still catch the Rome's concert. I was running around the location and couldn't find the way to the dark corridor, after some minutes I managed. When I entered the presentation room again it seemed like everything (including the concert) is over and there are just people sitting around in white pillows and chilling. Someone comes to me and says that it's my turn for some "session" with the band and those people who had the presentation about dreams.
So I came there, they asked me a couple of questions so they could find some answer for me, but at that time we were sitting on some lawn where were horses all around. There were two white stallions close to us and they started fighting, so we all stood up quickly and started running away form them so they won't kill us. Unfortunately they were very much wild and crazy, so the places they wanted to fight were in the middle of the bunch of us. I tried to run away but I noticed a wild white horse is coming straight at me and he is about to jump/kick/bite, I knew I can't run away, so I was preparing for the pain but before I got kicked, I woke up.

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