sobota 20. srpna 2011

20 August 2011

We arrive to Ireland by a car with my friend and a couple of two other girls and their mom. We get out of a car and are like "yeah we're in Ireland now let's head to the pub!" So we find this small "pub" in some kind of a trailer, we get ourselves some beer. After a while we are about to leave, I accidentally break the glass while handing it back to the waiter, he looks pissed and says I need to pay for it, wot which I say no problem, but he is still pissed. No idea why.
Then when we're out of the "trailer-pub" with my friend we now need to look for our hostel, so I just go to a first person I see and ask where is this and this street. That woman just says "oh it's over there, just go straight on, cross the river and take the first turn right."
So we go and after few minutes we reach the place thinking "wow Dublin is really small!"
We get to the reception, the woman there asks us for our names and some "ID cards" to have as deposit or something. She takes my ID, my ISIC card and also my Prague public transportation card. Okay... Then I ask her taht we want to buy breakfast additionally and she says that they have no canteen in the hostel, so we can't buy breafast. She gives us our keys and we head to our rooms.
When there, we find out that all the rooms on that floor are "connected" with doors. That we have 2 bathrooms there and both have 2 doors. So you need to lock one door on the other side so the people from the other room won't get in there. The I notice that outside there is some supermarket and say we shall go and buy ourselves some food for the morning. We take our money and go, but before we actually manage to go to the store, we happen to go around Trinity college, where the girl who is supposed to be our guide there studies. Of course we meet her just leaving the college and I am very excited to meet her, so is she. She asks me what are we up to now that she would love to go to some pub with us and party.

čtvrtek 18. srpna 2011

18 August 2011

In a castle, waiting for some important guests to arrive.
The guards/soldiers are half ours, half guest's. When the feast begins, I realised I need to look for something so I just go through the hall and further to the castle, I pass 3 rooms, by the walls are still standing those soldiers, mixed (like one ours, one theirs, one ours, one theirs and so on). I enter some darker room and I realize some soldiers are following me, so I start running away.

I appear in some room, where there is a wounded soldier, he tells me he's dying and that he wants to kiss a girl for the last time before he dies. Before I try to say something, he kissed me and after a while of saying something he seems to be dead. So I leave to find someone to announce there is a dead man, while I notice he got up, came to the window and jumped out of it. I screamed and went to see wheter is he injured, all I see is him lying on the rocks and stones with his skull cracked.

pátek 5. srpna 2011

05 August 2011

There was a Rome concert planned in a club I haven't been before. When we managed to get there, someone says that the concert is in the "presentation" room. So I left my bag with everything upstairst in the pub and followed a bunch of people downstairs. We were going down on a dark staircase and then we reached a dark corridor. There were three of us, me, some girl and some guy. That guy managed to find a lighter and guided us through the entire corridor until we reached the "presentation room" . The people there told us they were onyl waiting for us to begin.
So we eventually sat down (I met my friend there who I have no idea how she managed to get there faster than me!) and waited for the show to begin, firstly there was some "movie" or some "presentation" about inner dreams and stuff like that. I started to panic after a while because I left my whole bag upstairs, so in the middle of the presentation I went out to find my way back to the upstairs pub. I had to take a different path, which was way more complicated.
I found my bag, untouched, unharmed with all the things that had to be there and decided to return back to the downstairs room to still catch the Rome's concert. I was running around the location and couldn't find the way to the dark corridor, after some minutes I managed. When I entered the presentation room again it seemed like everything (including the concert) is over and there are just people sitting around in white pillows and chilling. Someone comes to me and says that it's my turn for some "session" with the band and those people who had the presentation about dreams.
So I came there, they asked me a couple of questions so they could find some answer for me, but at that time we were sitting on some lawn where were horses all around. There were two white stallions close to us and they started fighting, so we all stood up quickly and started running away form them so they won't kill us. Unfortunately they were very much wild and crazy, so the places they wanted to fight were in the middle of the bunch of us. I tried to run away but I noticed a wild white horse is coming straight at me and he is about to jump/kick/bite, I knew I can't run away, so I was preparing for the pain but before I got kicked, I woke up.

pondělí 1. srpna 2011

01 August 2011

I was by the river, near the place we used to own a cottage. We called that place "The stones", because it was one of those places where you could take a swin and the stream wouldn't take you away from the shore, and also  the stones were huge, so we loved to play there as kids.
I was taking a swim, suddenly noticed there is a waterfall I haven't seen before so I headed towards it.
I appearen on the other river shore, talking to a lady with a small dog and she said she remembers me that we used to have a cottage here and she hasn't got a single idea what am I doing here. That I should go away, because I have no connection to this place anymore.