pátek 1. července 2011

30 June 2011 + 1 July 2011

30 June:
At some medieval castle complex with family and friends. There is some barn or something that has multiple stores and we happen to climb and explore them. Then when we managed to reach the top and turned to the other side (aka outside of the castle complex), there were some rocks and some guy preparing for some hardcore bungee jump. Then we saw him jump and something.
We climbed back down and about to leave the complex, while some girl from my class from elementary school stopped me and asked if she can take a picture of my new hairstyle, and I just randomly started telling about that the guy who just bungee jumped died, because he left the ropes there over the night, and thanks to the temperature difference it became unsafe, but he didn't realize that.
(Side note: I remember watching some short report from Ripley's Believe it or not, that some guy decided to do this extreme bungee, the day before he prepared everything and he said it's going to be fine, everything is checked and ready for tomorrow, but during the night the ropes kinda loosen up and it was deadly for him)

1 July:
For totally unknown reason, I was in bed with my ex. And he was behaving like a complete idiot. He said something like he came back to me because his current gf refuses to have sex with him. I just told him that I am no back-up plan and told him to fuck off, because when HE left me, he left me for a reason and there is NO reason in coming back, because I don't even want him back now.

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