úterý 19. července 2011

19 July 2011

I was in Slovakia in the village where my grandma lives and went for a walk across the main road to the second part of the village I don't go much. I knew a slovakian friend of mine probably lives there (side note: no he doesn't, he is from a completely different part of Slovakia) and I somehow remembered his house. I noticed the houses are a bit different than they used to be, but I found the one where he was living.
He noticed me through the window and invited me in. He was watching TV with another guy I didn't know, we didn't even introduced ourselves and he left after a while because he had to go to work. We were talking about everything possible, I asked him how's he doing, he said that he has a new job and it's collecting some antiques that he sells to some bigger antique stores and he makes quite a good amount of money from it.
Then we decided we shall go out for a night walk to the forest, so we went and passed some old wall that was just blank and blah-looking. We decided that we shall go back to his house and grab some spray paints and paint it some funky patterns and things, but we need to first think of some concept and we'll do a computer scheme first. I said that I don't want to do it on the computer first, because when I create something I think of best things "on the go" while I'm painting them.

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