úterý 7. června 2011

7 June 2011

I am in a jungle, doing some "survive" challenge. With me there is some guy I have probably seen on the TV and he is acting all stupid, that he is so going to win this because he's famous and shit. He ate some poison and dies.

All of the sudden there are shitloads of fans crying that he is dead and he's not going to be a part of the show anymore and they need some substitution.

There is a woman in long red dress explaining how to walk in heels.

Again in the jungle, but I am getting out from it and I happen to be in open air pool. I'm there with few people and we decide we shall get an icecream. But before we get to the stall, I feel strange, because my 2 of my teeth fell out and I have blood all over my face.

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