středa 15. června 2011

15 June 2011

Part one:
At home, reading on our balcony, watching some people playing beach volleyball in the open air pool area. Suddenly it starts raining and behind the volleybal court there is a huge hole forming and people keep falling inside it.

Part two:
With my ex at home, he is talking about his new "love" and he wonders why am I pissed off. I take my boots and hit him in the face with them. Then some girl just runs and screams that I am such a bitch for doing this, I think I only told her that it is him who is being idiot and all this shit. I even think I punched her too and watched this beaten up "couple" on the floor how they are so weak and can't move and so.

Part three:
I was in a forest and someone on a horse was chasing me with a sword. That man looked like Rob Stark (character from The songs of ice and fire/Game of thrones) and he was shouting something at me.

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