pátek 27. května 2011

27 May 2011

I was at work, selling some drinks and stuff. It was soon the end of my shift, two women came to me and asked for a shot of some whisky and one asked for a shot of red wine.
After they drank it, they paid and left. I had hard time speaking, because of my teeth. It felt very strange. Then I felt like one of my front teeth is going to fall out, so I just broke it and pulled it out. Realised the tooth was really rotten, went to the restroom to check the rest. They started to feel really bad and painful, I started to panic that I need to go to the dentists soon and there is going to be a lot of drilling.

Then I went to see the interior fo some church. Before I enetered the main part, I noticed a small room where there were wooden orthodox crosses, so apparently an orthodox chapel inside a catholic cathedral. When I got into the catholic part, it was all just white and plain and I was very disappointed.

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