středa 25. května 2011

25 May 2011

Looks like a top of some very very very high rock, with a lot of trees around. There is a fence around the edge so noone would fall down, though the fence is getting all rusty and old.

I am talking to a man who tells me that I shouldn't stat looking in a certain direction, because it would make me want to jump. But of course I look in that direction - which means looking down over some edge and I jump.

I land on my feet all ok, I am standing in a garden that looks familiar, but it doesn't belong to any of my relatives, it's a garden that belongs to a friend's family.

It starts getting cold, raining, I want to enter the house to protect myself from the weather, but I can't find the door. A voice says "You can't go inside because you are not a part of life anymore. They don't want you, you don't belong here."

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