neděle 22. května 2011

22 May 2011

Someone told me and my friend we should go to some scientifical institute to help someone with some exotic insects. We went there, we started talking to the person, who was showing us some colorful butterflies and then suddenly we appeared in a pub, talking about beer pints. That some time ago we drank a beer from a very long pint and it was hell.

I am at home, straight after I wake up, I notice that everyone else is awake and I am wondering, when and how my ex-bf got here when he doesn't have the keys. I was told that he is sleeping in our guest room. I go to the kitchen, make myself a cup of coffee and while going to the living room I go through the guest room, where I see him sleeping. Something in mind tells me I shall be a bitch, so I open every window hoping to piss him off thanks to the loud sounds from the construction yard outside.
Then my dad speaks to me that he is going to pack his things in a while and we'll see next week, since he is going to some festival.


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