neděle 22. května 2011

17 May 2011

In the middle of a city, obiously in a tourist center full of ranom souvenir shops, street performers and groups of japaneese people taking pictures of everything they see.

Was there with a friend of mine, I don't remember the name or face, just that it was a guy and he was my friend. Imaginary, lol. We were walking somewhere, talking about we shall visit the main tourist attraction there and heading towards it, we got lost. We appeared on some square, in which's center there was some event, because there were white tents everywhere.
We asked some person what is happening, and the answer we were given was that some hippies decided to make a protest event camping in white tents here, because they want to be allowed to smoke weed in public.

As we both didn't have anything to do with weed nor had any interest, we left and through some narrow and crooked streets we went on and on, until we noticed a shop with porcelain. We entered that shop, the first room was full of some plates or cups or vases or whatever else you can imagine being made from porcelain, but when se got to the second room, we suddenly appeared in the flat I used tolive in before we moved away from there. As I turned around, the shop was gone and so was my friend, so I decided to go out to meet at our usual place.

Well, fuck that, I appeared in Vienna, straight in front of Hofburg, watching a military parade with Franz Joseph I. in the lead.

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