pátek 27. května 2011

27 May 2011

I was at work, selling some drinks and stuff. It was soon the end of my shift, two women came to me and asked for a shot of some whisky and one asked for a shot of red wine.
After they drank it, they paid and left. I had hard time speaking, because of my teeth. It felt very strange. Then I felt like one of my front teeth is going to fall out, so I just broke it and pulled it out. Realised the tooth was really rotten, went to the restroom to check the rest. They started to feel really bad and painful, I started to panic that I need to go to the dentists soon and there is going to be a lot of drilling.

Then I went to see the interior fo some church. Before I enetered the main part, I noticed a small room where there were wooden orthodox crosses, so apparently an orthodox chapel inside a catholic cathedral. When I got into the catholic part, it was all just white and plain and I was very disappointed.

středa 25. května 2011

25 May 2011

Looks like a top of some very very very high rock, with a lot of trees around. There is a fence around the edge so noone would fall down, though the fence is getting all rusty and old.

I am talking to a man who tells me that I shouldn't stat looking in a certain direction, because it would make me want to jump. But of course I look in that direction - which means looking down over some edge and I jump.

I land on my feet all ok, I am standing in a garden that looks familiar, but it doesn't belong to any of my relatives, it's a garden that belongs to a friend's family.

It starts getting cold, raining, I want to enter the house to protect myself from the weather, but I can't find the door. A voice says "You can't go inside because you are not a part of life anymore. They don't want you, you don't belong here."

úterý 24. května 2011

24 May 2011

A city made of glass.
I am going through it in a train, trying to get to some destination. I have with me a bunch of people I am not sure if I know, but they seem to be my travel buddies.

I get off the train and turn to one street I feel like turning to, appears to be a street where I work and I enter my workplace. It's afternoon and I know I don't usually work during afternoons, so I ask the workmate that is there what is happening. She just says I shall be here in the evening, but when I'm there now, I could just make myself a schedule for the upcoming month.

I am on the train again, but now it's getting darker outside.

pondělí 23. května 2011

23 May 2011

(Don't quite remember it much)

Only that I was running for a bus that I of course missed and started freaking out I'm going to be late for school.

neděle 22. května 2011

22 May 2011

Someone told me and my friend we should go to some scientifical institute to help someone with some exotic insects. We went there, we started talking to the person, who was showing us some colorful butterflies and then suddenly we appeared in a pub, talking about beer pints. That some time ago we drank a beer from a very long pint and it was hell.

I am at home, straight after I wake up, I notice that everyone else is awake and I am wondering, when and how my ex-bf got here when he doesn't have the keys. I was told that he is sleeping in our guest room. I go to the kitchen, make myself a cup of coffee and while going to the living room I go through the guest room, where I see him sleeping. Something in mind tells me I shall be a bitch, so I open every window hoping to piss him off thanks to the loud sounds from the construction yard outside.
Then my dad speaks to me that he is going to pack his things in a while and we'll see next week, since he is going to some festival.


21 May 2011

In a pub with a pint of beer, I think there was some metal concert. I finished my beer and went closer to the stage to become a part of the headbanging crowd. Some person is trying to talk to me but I can't hear anything.

I am waiting for a night tram to get me home, watching random drunks. One of them is shouting something like "even when I say I won't drink I always need to get drunk because it's a part of me" and then my tram arrives.

On a construction yard, talking to archaeologists about those skeletons they are trying to dig up from the ground.

20 May 2011

On our main street, following a tram track, with few friends. We met a couple of people who say the are Greek and invite us to play beach volleyball with them. We agreed.
When we arrive to the place where we shall play it turns out it is some championship and that we are to play the match for our country, first round facing Denmark.

Then I am at my high school in a basement TV studio taking pictures of some girls dressed in burlesque costumes and it all ends up in some drunken party that I decided to leave, because I had to do something tomorrow and "it would remind me of something I want to forget".

Like, what?

19 May 2011

Walking through the forest, watching trees and other random flowers and other green stuff. Sometimes I notice an animal or a bird; I get to a small stream.

There is sitting a person dressed in black, smoking a cigarette. He is wearing soem cape or something, that looks like a monk's cape, telling me "it isn't your fault, blame the other one. You didn't want it, the other one did. Now it's time for you to prove it was a mistake and that you are better."

Suddenly, I'm sitting in some log cabin by the fire and there is probably someone inside with me, I don't know who. I just hear the voice; what I remember the voice said "..and she is there, you aren't, that's why."

Now thank you alarm clock.

18 May 2011

Running around a city at night, randomly taking pictures. Recognising 80% of the places, I seem to be in Prague.

Some tourist leaving a pub asks me for directions, I happen to have a map I don't need, the tourist buys it from me.

Someone calls me, I don't see the number, I hear a familiar voice, so I ask "What do you need, why are you calling me? You know we stopped talking some time ago." - "I am aware of the fact, but I wanted to hear how are you doing, I miss talking to you."

I am at home having a cup of coffee, writing something.

...and alarm clock.

17 May 2011

In the middle of a city, obiously in a tourist center full of ranom souvenir shops, street performers and groups of japaneese people taking pictures of everything they see.

Was there with a friend of mine, I don't remember the name or face, just that it was a guy and he was my friend. Imaginary, lol. We were walking somewhere, talking about we shall visit the main tourist attraction there and heading towards it, we got lost. We appeared on some square, in which's center there was some event, because there were white tents everywhere.
We asked some person what is happening, and the answer we were given was that some hippies decided to make a protest event camping in white tents here, because they want to be allowed to smoke weed in public.

As we both didn't have anything to do with weed nor had any interest, we left and through some narrow and crooked streets we went on and on, until we noticed a shop with porcelain. We entered that shop, the first room was full of some plates or cups or vases or whatever else you can imagine being made from porcelain, but when se got to the second room, we suddenly appeared in the flat I used tolive in before we moved away from there. As I turned around, the shop was gone and so was my friend, so I decided to go out to meet at our usual place.

Well, fuck that, I appeared in Vienna, straight in front of Hofburg, watching a military parade with Franz Joseph I. in the lead.

An Introduction

Decided to keep dream diary.

I have been having some strange dreams lately and soon my facebook is going to be spammed by them. That's why I decided to move it here.

Maybe one day I will find someone who will explain those dreams to me.