pondělí 28. listopadu 2011

28 November 2011

In a dark place, with a small source of light, there's is a candle somewhere. I can smell it, see the light but can't see the actual candle.

sobota 19. listopadu 2011

19 November 2011

I am in some building, in the cloakroom waiting for the lady to bring me my jacket. Meanwhile I notice an actor I reeeeeeeally like (JS) and I am like "don't waste your chance!". So I stop him and ask him for autograph. He doesn't seem very eager, but also surprised that someone asked him for it. He sings it and then shakes my hand, saying with smile "I hate you." and laughs. I say with smile and sarcasm with my voice that I hate him too and all he says is "No you don't. You love me."

Fuck yes, I do. How did you know.

pondělí 14. listopadu 2011

14 November

On a small island in the middle of the lake, fighting against some baddies, who are some creatures made of fire, that can still burn under the water.

Then I am in a beautiful dark forest in the middle of the night, following some guy I know and fell for, he tells me that he's going the other way and he shows no interest. So I go away, hoping to crash into him some other time.

I enter the theatre I work at, wearing new shoes on heels, the man who works behind the cash desk is surprised to see me in something different than my usual Steel boots. I know I am there too early, but I still wait for some performance (wtf, why?) to end. I am (no idea why) on the place for cloakroom and there are three other guys and we have some fake guns and we try to "kill" each other from two teams - snipers and attackers. I manage to "kill" one of the snipers and then try to "kill" the other one, but he is too far away.

neděle 30. října 2011

30 October 2011

Something like a park, soon looking like a graveyard. Many people going around, I realize it's a time of WW2. Phew. Some nazis going around, being nazis to other people, bullying jews and stuff like that. In order to keep myself safe, someone just gets me nazi uniform and I "become" one of them.

Then I notice some guy, who is supposedly my husband (wtf) and I just run to him, hug him and tell him I missed him so. Apparently, there is another woman with him, dunno who, but I don't care who she is. And then there are some kids, who are supposed to be mine (double wtf). They are browsing through some pictures and I tell them those are famour czech gothic cathedrals and that I want to take them there.

End of story I didn't quite understood.

pátek 14. října 2011

14 October 2011

A city, similar to a british village (though I know it is a city). Dark sky, dramatic clouds, but the city is light. I am carrying a bottle of wine and notice a helicopter landing. It has a finnish flag on it, I have no idea what the hell is a finnish helicopter doing there.

Then I have seen some small tornadoes, black spirals going aroudn there. I grab my camera and try to take a picture of them. Some boy besides me accidentally gets caught by the wind whirl, but nothing happens to him.

I am in a train/bus/whatever and some guy is talking to me. He starts to touch my hands and then he kisses me. I told him to stop and I go away.

A glass house, with beautiful interior, toned to purple and black. Everything matches nicely. Someone walks to me and gives me money, like a big amount of money, about 3500 CZK (yea thats kinda a big amount for me, shut up) and says "because you deserve it."

úterý 6. září 2011

06 September 2011

I am returning home from somewhere, I go through the old town in Prague, around one church. It's the middle of the day and around that church there is a lot of police cars and when I ask what is going on, they tell me that some sniper was shooting here and they can't find him, so we have to be careful. I slowly go around the cathedral and someone just suddenly grabs me by my coat and pushes me on the wall saying I shall be more careful and that I shall stay here and wait until he comes back. It's some photographer (omg and here I go again, he looks like J.S. who I mentioned in the dream before). In a while he comes back and says he waits for some interesting light to happen. It starts raining and the clouds are very dark, but the sun shines through them, along with some white mist, so the whole scenery is getting very interesting, with the police cars about to arrest the found sniper/terrorist/who the hell was that. I am now thinking damn what a pity I don't have my camera.

My phone rings so I pick it up and it is my mom calling where am I that I should have been at home already, so I tell her what is happening here and that the trams and busses aren't going because of that. I also notice that the photographer is taking a picture of me. When I am finished with the phonecall, he grabs me into some pub where he buys me a beer and I ask him to send me the photos he has taken, because the scenery was just very interesting, I didn't have my camera and also that I am very much interested in how the photos he took came out. He asks for my e-mail and phone number. Then he offers me that he would take me home so he will be sure nothing happens to me. It is dark outside already and we happen to end up in his small apartment with a photolab.

Wish I didn't wake up, would love to know what happened next...!

sobota 3. září 2011

03 September 2011

We are in a bus. I am sitting next to a man named J.S.. Oh his eyes, so pretty. After a while the bus stops and we are forced to go out, because of some accident that happened there. JS and a couple of other people are getting a bit impatient, because it starts to rain and we are still not allowed to get back into the bus. The police says some woman was murdered there.
After some time we finally can go back to the bus and when we are on the road again, JS starts talking to me about how something in his life went completely wrong. I try to calm him down, telling him that even when it is wrong it must have happened for a reason. He smiles at me, says that I am a very supportive person. Then he says that he is so glad he met me, put his arms around me and gives me a kiss (I wish it would never stop!).

Then, I don't know why, he suddenly changes to another man. It's Te.S. He says that he wants to take me to his hometown, so I could see the world. Why not! Then I start talking about a certain tattoo in a certain language I want, well a coincidence, he happens to be a person from that country and also a tattoo artist. We are no longer in that bus, but in some very pretty village. The weather is amazing and the nature around so damn spectacular. I ask him if that language happens to be written correctly, because I am not quite sure and he says that it is.

Somehow, he takes me through the center of the town to some mountain peak, from which we go back to some inner garden, where a small shop is. He buys me some "typical" food there, it's very sweet but good and - why on earth - TS is gone and instead of him there is a person I wish to never see in my life again, my ex. I am not talking to him, as he is talking to another people.
I am just standing there, watching the amazing scenery (above the trees, that are lit with sunshine, there are dark misty clouds) and hitting my head on the wall that I don't have my camera with me.

čtvrtek 1. září 2011

01 September 2011

In a library, looking for more books from the Horrible History series. No idea why, I am looking for them in the section where fantasy books are now. The library must have had rearranged the system there. Well nevermind, after I ask someone where I can find history books, they guide me to a completely different part of the library. I couldn't manage to find anything from HH, so I ask again and they tell me there are so many books from that series that they have their own section - right next to the shelves with Terry Pratchett (those books conquered probably half of the library!).

That is about it.

sobota 20. srpna 2011

20 August 2011

We arrive to Ireland by a car with my friend and a couple of two other girls and their mom. We get out of a car and are like "yeah we're in Ireland now let's head to the pub!" So we find this small "pub" in some kind of a trailer, we get ourselves some beer. After a while we are about to leave, I accidentally break the glass while handing it back to the waiter, he looks pissed and says I need to pay for it, wot which I say no problem, but he is still pissed. No idea why.
Then when we're out of the "trailer-pub" with my friend we now need to look for our hostel, so I just go to a first person I see and ask where is this and this street. That woman just says "oh it's over there, just go straight on, cross the river and take the first turn right."
So we go and after few minutes we reach the place thinking "wow Dublin is really small!"
We get to the reception, the woman there asks us for our names and some "ID cards" to have as deposit or something. She takes my ID, my ISIC card and also my Prague public transportation card. Okay... Then I ask her taht we want to buy breakfast additionally and she says that they have no canteen in the hostel, so we can't buy breafast. She gives us our keys and we head to our rooms.
When there, we find out that all the rooms on that floor are "connected" with doors. That we have 2 bathrooms there and both have 2 doors. So you need to lock one door on the other side so the people from the other room won't get in there. The I notice that outside there is some supermarket and say we shall go and buy ourselves some food for the morning. We take our money and go, but before we actually manage to go to the store, we happen to go around Trinity college, where the girl who is supposed to be our guide there studies. Of course we meet her just leaving the college and I am very excited to meet her, so is she. She asks me what are we up to now that she would love to go to some pub with us and party.

čtvrtek 18. srpna 2011

18 August 2011

In a castle, waiting for some important guests to arrive.
The guards/soldiers are half ours, half guest's. When the feast begins, I realised I need to look for something so I just go through the hall and further to the castle, I pass 3 rooms, by the walls are still standing those soldiers, mixed (like one ours, one theirs, one ours, one theirs and so on). I enter some darker room and I realize some soldiers are following me, so I start running away.

I appear in some room, where there is a wounded soldier, he tells me he's dying and that he wants to kiss a girl for the last time before he dies. Before I try to say something, he kissed me and after a while of saying something he seems to be dead. So I leave to find someone to announce there is a dead man, while I notice he got up, came to the window and jumped out of it. I screamed and went to see wheter is he injured, all I see is him lying on the rocks and stones with his skull cracked.

pátek 5. srpna 2011

05 August 2011

There was a Rome concert planned in a club I haven't been before. When we managed to get there, someone says that the concert is in the "presentation" room. So I left my bag with everything upstairst in the pub and followed a bunch of people downstairs. We were going down on a dark staircase and then we reached a dark corridor. There were three of us, me, some girl and some guy. That guy managed to find a lighter and guided us through the entire corridor until we reached the "presentation room" . The people there told us they were onyl waiting for us to begin.
So we eventually sat down (I met my friend there who I have no idea how she managed to get there faster than me!) and waited for the show to begin, firstly there was some "movie" or some "presentation" about inner dreams and stuff like that. I started to panic after a while because I left my whole bag upstairs, so in the middle of the presentation I went out to find my way back to the upstairs pub. I had to take a different path, which was way more complicated.
I found my bag, untouched, unharmed with all the things that had to be there and decided to return back to the downstairs room to still catch the Rome's concert. I was running around the location and couldn't find the way to the dark corridor, after some minutes I managed. When I entered the presentation room again it seemed like everything (including the concert) is over and there are just people sitting around in white pillows and chilling. Someone comes to me and says that it's my turn for some "session" with the band and those people who had the presentation about dreams.
So I came there, they asked me a couple of questions so they could find some answer for me, but at that time we were sitting on some lawn where were horses all around. There were two white stallions close to us and they started fighting, so we all stood up quickly and started running away form them so they won't kill us. Unfortunately they were very much wild and crazy, so the places they wanted to fight were in the middle of the bunch of us. I tried to run away but I noticed a wild white horse is coming straight at me and he is about to jump/kick/bite, I knew I can't run away, so I was preparing for the pain but before I got kicked, I woke up.

pondělí 1. srpna 2011

01 August 2011

I was by the river, near the place we used to own a cottage. We called that place "The stones", because it was one of those places where you could take a swin and the stream wouldn't take you away from the shore, and also  the stones were huge, so we loved to play there as kids.
I was taking a swim, suddenly noticed there is a waterfall I haven't seen before so I headed towards it.
I appearen on the other river shore, talking to a lady with a small dog and she said she remembers me that we used to have a cottage here and she hasn't got a single idea what am I doing here. That I should go away, because I have no connection to this place anymore.

středa 20. července 2011

20 July 2011

(I know I had a dream today but GOD I can't remember it right now!)

(I will come back to this later, maybe.. if only..)

úterý 19. července 2011

19 July 2011

I was in Slovakia in the village where my grandma lives and went for a walk across the main road to the second part of the village I don't go much. I knew a slovakian friend of mine probably lives there (side note: no he doesn't, he is from a completely different part of Slovakia) and I somehow remembered his house. I noticed the houses are a bit different than they used to be, but I found the one where he was living.
He noticed me through the window and invited me in. He was watching TV with another guy I didn't know, we didn't even introduced ourselves and he left after a while because he had to go to work. We were talking about everything possible, I asked him how's he doing, he said that he has a new job and it's collecting some antiques that he sells to some bigger antique stores and he makes quite a good amount of money from it.
Then we decided we shall go out for a night walk to the forest, so we went and passed some old wall that was just blank and blah-looking. We decided that we shall go back to his house and grab some spray paints and paint it some funky patterns and things, but we need to first think of some concept and we'll do a computer scheme first. I said that I don't want to do it on the computer first, because when I create something I think of best things "on the go" while I'm painting them.

pátek 1. července 2011

30 June 2011 + 1 July 2011

30 June:
At some medieval castle complex with family and friends. There is some barn or something that has multiple stores and we happen to climb and explore them. Then when we managed to reach the top and turned to the other side (aka outside of the castle complex), there were some rocks and some guy preparing for some hardcore bungee jump. Then we saw him jump and something.
We climbed back down and about to leave the complex, while some girl from my class from elementary school stopped me and asked if she can take a picture of my new hairstyle, and I just randomly started telling about that the guy who just bungee jumped died, because he left the ropes there over the night, and thanks to the temperature difference it became unsafe, but he didn't realize that.
(Side note: I remember watching some short report from Ripley's Believe it or not, that some guy decided to do this extreme bungee, the day before he prepared everything and he said it's going to be fine, everything is checked and ready for tomorrow, but during the night the ropes kinda loosen up and it was deadly for him)

1 July:
For totally unknown reason, I was in bed with my ex. And he was behaving like a complete idiot. He said something like he came back to me because his current gf refuses to have sex with him. I just told him that I am no back-up plan and told him to fuck off, because when HE left me, he left me for a reason and there is NO reason in coming back, because I don't even want him back now.

neděle 26. června 2011

26 June 2011

I was obviously in Ireland and my irish penfriend was there with me. We decided we'll visit some her friends and join them in some private party. We ended up in some small flat and  the people there had some beer in plastic bottles.

We decided to leave after a while. It was cloudy outside and we were walking along the river. We were in some park and suddenly we both had a pint of Guiness in our hands. Some random guy appeared and said that we shall go tonight to some concert.

úterý 21. června 2011

21 June 2011

I was at work, making some schedule for something. Then I left home and when I was on my way, some woman stopped me and told me to come with her.

She led me to some surgery, where I just sat down and waited for what is going to happen. Some other woman (a doctor) came and told me that I was pregnant. I was like "WTF, can't be...!" because I didn't know who the father would be and just said that I don't want to keep it. The doctor was just like "OK you pay me 3 € and I'll get you this pill and it's going to be fine."

Like... what?

pondělí 20. června 2011

20 June 2011

I was running through a forest with bow and arrows, probably hunting something. Some people were behind me on their horses, no idea if they were with me or after me.

It was evening and I was sitting by the fire talking to some man, what are we going to do in the morning or how we are going to return safely because everyone is out in the forest looking for us in order to bring us dead or alive. (Woo...!)

sobota 18. června 2011

18 June 2011

I was in Slovakia, at my grandma's place. It was in the middle of the night and I had to arrange somethin at our neighbor's house. I got out of our house and noticed there is a huge moon rising. The moon also had somehow orange-ish color and it was rising fast. It soon looked like some alien spaceship than a moon. It was flying above the village and it sometimes stopped.

středa 15. června 2011

15 June 2011

Part one:
At home, reading on our balcony, watching some people playing beach volleyball in the open air pool area. Suddenly it starts raining and behind the volleybal court there is a huge hole forming and people keep falling inside it.

Part two:
With my ex at home, he is talking about his new "love" and he wonders why am I pissed off. I take my boots and hit him in the face with them. Then some girl just runs and screams that I am such a bitch for doing this, I think I only told her that it is him who is being idiot and all this shit. I even think I punched her too and watched this beaten up "couple" on the floor how they are so weak and can't move and so.

Part three:
I was in a forest and someone on a horse was chasing me with a sword. That man looked like Rob Stark (character from The songs of ice and fire/Game of thrones) and he was shouting something at me.

neděle 12. června 2011

11 June 2011

I was returning home from somewhere, I got on a bus. There was a guy who started talking to me, I remember we had a lot in common. At some point he just sat next to me, gave me a hug or palmed my face softly. We continued in talking and then he just passionatelly kissed me and didn't want to let go. Can't say I didn't like it.
But I had to get off the bus and he just quickly got me his phone number so I could contact him.

Don't know if I did.
But I met him the other day.

Oh yeah, and then I woke up.

čtvrtek 9. června 2011

9 June 2011

Of course.
In the computer classroom, doing an exam from databases. I'm logged on my ICQ account, talking to my good friend from Slovakia. He is still writing me something and I am slowly realizing my time is running out, and all I keep doing is being desperate, not even trying to work on the task and writing him "Man I am SO going to fail this exam. I don't get it. I can't do it." and stuff like that.

Second dream was set on the Wall. I was talking to some guy and he said that Jon Snow is going to die soon and noone can save him.

středa 8. června 2011

8 June 2011

I was at school,and there were some decisions people should make a school metal band. On the corridor there were some lists of potential members and dates for auditions.

I left and then I was in some park, where I have seen a wedding happening.
Realized it's a wedding of my ex with his new love and I started to feel really shattered and depressed. I came to him, wished him all the best of luck and said that I still think it's way too early to even marry someone when he broke up with me only a month ago.

Then I found myself to sit on a river shore, having my feet in the water and just staring into nothing, watching the ducks fly and fish swim.

úterý 7. června 2011

7 June 2011

I am in a jungle, doing some "survive" challenge. With me there is some guy I have probably seen on the TV and he is acting all stupid, that he is so going to win this because he's famous and shit. He ate some poison and dies.

All of the sudden there are shitloads of fans crying that he is dead and he's not going to be a part of the show anymore and they need some substitution.

There is a woman in long red dress explaining how to walk in heels.

Again in the jungle, but I am getting out from it and I happen to be in open air pool. I'm there with few people and we decide we shall get an icecream. But before we get to the stall, I feel strange, because my 2 of my teeth fell out and I have blood all over my face.

sobota 4. června 2011

4 June 2011

With my friend we were going somewhere, probably heading to Denmark.
We were going by car, but when we were about to cross the danish border, all of the sudden we were flying outside the view (like when you scroll +/- on Google Earth) and we were singing Týr's "Sinklars vísa" loud. Don't know why but we were headbanging as hell, partying, just because we finally crossed the border and some adventure has begun,

čtvrtek 2. června 2011

02 June 2011

I only remember a scrap of a dream.

I was in a hospital waiting for someone. Then a doctor called me to enter his surgery, where there were several tools randomly lying on the ground just like that, it looked more like a messy office than an actual surgery.

And that's that.
My mind is probably trying to tell me that I should make 3 different appointments in a hospital to get myself checked. Man, how I hate doctors :(

pátek 27. května 2011

27 May 2011

I was at work, selling some drinks and stuff. It was soon the end of my shift, two women came to me and asked for a shot of some whisky and one asked for a shot of red wine.
After they drank it, they paid and left. I had hard time speaking, because of my teeth. It felt very strange. Then I felt like one of my front teeth is going to fall out, so I just broke it and pulled it out. Realised the tooth was really rotten, went to the restroom to check the rest. They started to feel really bad and painful, I started to panic that I need to go to the dentists soon and there is going to be a lot of drilling.

Then I went to see the interior fo some church. Before I enetered the main part, I noticed a small room where there were wooden orthodox crosses, so apparently an orthodox chapel inside a catholic cathedral. When I got into the catholic part, it was all just white and plain and I was very disappointed.

středa 25. května 2011

25 May 2011

Looks like a top of some very very very high rock, with a lot of trees around. There is a fence around the edge so noone would fall down, though the fence is getting all rusty and old.

I am talking to a man who tells me that I shouldn't stat looking in a certain direction, because it would make me want to jump. But of course I look in that direction - which means looking down over some edge and I jump.

I land on my feet all ok, I am standing in a garden that looks familiar, but it doesn't belong to any of my relatives, it's a garden that belongs to a friend's family.

It starts getting cold, raining, I want to enter the house to protect myself from the weather, but I can't find the door. A voice says "You can't go inside because you are not a part of life anymore. They don't want you, you don't belong here."

úterý 24. května 2011

24 May 2011

A city made of glass.
I am going through it in a train, trying to get to some destination. I have with me a bunch of people I am not sure if I know, but they seem to be my travel buddies.

I get off the train and turn to one street I feel like turning to, appears to be a street where I work and I enter my workplace. It's afternoon and I know I don't usually work during afternoons, so I ask the workmate that is there what is happening. She just says I shall be here in the evening, but when I'm there now, I could just make myself a schedule for the upcoming month.

I am on the train again, but now it's getting darker outside.

pondělí 23. května 2011

23 May 2011

(Don't quite remember it much)

Only that I was running for a bus that I of course missed and started freaking out I'm going to be late for school.

neděle 22. května 2011

22 May 2011

Someone told me and my friend we should go to some scientifical institute to help someone with some exotic insects. We went there, we started talking to the person, who was showing us some colorful butterflies and then suddenly we appeared in a pub, talking about beer pints. That some time ago we drank a beer from a very long pint and it was hell.

I am at home, straight after I wake up, I notice that everyone else is awake and I am wondering, when and how my ex-bf got here when he doesn't have the keys. I was told that he is sleeping in our guest room. I go to the kitchen, make myself a cup of coffee and while going to the living room I go through the guest room, where I see him sleeping. Something in mind tells me I shall be a bitch, so I open every window hoping to piss him off thanks to the loud sounds from the construction yard outside.
Then my dad speaks to me that he is going to pack his things in a while and we'll see next week, since he is going to some festival.


21 May 2011

In a pub with a pint of beer, I think there was some metal concert. I finished my beer and went closer to the stage to become a part of the headbanging crowd. Some person is trying to talk to me but I can't hear anything.

I am waiting for a night tram to get me home, watching random drunks. One of them is shouting something like "even when I say I won't drink I always need to get drunk because it's a part of me" and then my tram arrives.

On a construction yard, talking to archaeologists about those skeletons they are trying to dig up from the ground.

20 May 2011

On our main street, following a tram track, with few friends. We met a couple of people who say the are Greek and invite us to play beach volleyball with them. We agreed.
When we arrive to the place where we shall play it turns out it is some championship and that we are to play the match for our country, first round facing Denmark.

Then I am at my high school in a basement TV studio taking pictures of some girls dressed in burlesque costumes and it all ends up in some drunken party that I decided to leave, because I had to do something tomorrow and "it would remind me of something I want to forget".

Like, what?

19 May 2011

Walking through the forest, watching trees and other random flowers and other green stuff. Sometimes I notice an animal or a bird; I get to a small stream.

There is sitting a person dressed in black, smoking a cigarette. He is wearing soem cape or something, that looks like a monk's cape, telling me "it isn't your fault, blame the other one. You didn't want it, the other one did. Now it's time for you to prove it was a mistake and that you are better."

Suddenly, I'm sitting in some log cabin by the fire and there is probably someone inside with me, I don't know who. I just hear the voice; what I remember the voice said "..and she is there, you aren't, that's why."

Now thank you alarm clock.

18 May 2011

Running around a city at night, randomly taking pictures. Recognising 80% of the places, I seem to be in Prague.

Some tourist leaving a pub asks me for directions, I happen to have a map I don't need, the tourist buys it from me.

Someone calls me, I don't see the number, I hear a familiar voice, so I ask "What do you need, why are you calling me? You know we stopped talking some time ago." - "I am aware of the fact, but I wanted to hear how are you doing, I miss talking to you."

I am at home having a cup of coffee, writing something.

...and alarm clock.

17 May 2011

In the middle of a city, obiously in a tourist center full of ranom souvenir shops, street performers and groups of japaneese people taking pictures of everything they see.

Was there with a friend of mine, I don't remember the name or face, just that it was a guy and he was my friend. Imaginary, lol. We were walking somewhere, talking about we shall visit the main tourist attraction there and heading towards it, we got lost. We appeared on some square, in which's center there was some event, because there were white tents everywhere.
We asked some person what is happening, and the answer we were given was that some hippies decided to make a protest event camping in white tents here, because they want to be allowed to smoke weed in public.

As we both didn't have anything to do with weed nor had any interest, we left and through some narrow and crooked streets we went on and on, until we noticed a shop with porcelain. We entered that shop, the first room was full of some plates or cups or vases or whatever else you can imagine being made from porcelain, but when se got to the second room, we suddenly appeared in the flat I used tolive in before we moved away from there. As I turned around, the shop was gone and so was my friend, so I decided to go out to meet at our usual place.

Well, fuck that, I appeared in Vienna, straight in front of Hofburg, watching a military parade with Franz Joseph I. in the lead.

An Introduction

Decided to keep dream diary.

I have been having some strange dreams lately and soon my facebook is going to be spammed by them. That's why I decided to move it here.

Maybe one day I will find someone who will explain those dreams to me.