čtvrtek 12. ledna 2012

12 January 2012 afternoon

What a mindfuck.

At home and a schoolmate comes to visit me. We talk, we wath movies and randomly we decide we shall take a bath. We're in the bathroom and I suddenly start to choke. I cough and I feel like I am going to cough my lungs out, but I still need to get that thing out of my throat. The friend says I should only hope I'm not coughing blood. When I finally cought that "thing" out, it's a kind of a phlegmy mess, that's kind of purple/black. But I still have to cough and then I cough out a lot of blood.
I leave the bathroom and reach for my phone, because I thought I've heard it ring. I am trying to get it work, but it froze, so I think I shall put it rechargin, but the electricity is occupied my schoolmate's laptop.

pondělí 28. listopadu 2011

28 November 2011

In a dark place, with a small source of light, there's is a candle somewhere. I can smell it, see the light but can't see the actual candle.

sobota 19. listopadu 2011

19 November 2011

I am in some building, in the cloakroom waiting for the lady to bring me my jacket. Meanwhile I notice an actor I reeeeeeeally like (JS) and I am like "don't waste your chance!". So I stop him and ask him for autograph. He doesn't seem very eager, but also surprised that someone asked him for it. He sings it and then shakes my hand, saying with smile "I hate you." and laughs. I say with smile and sarcasm with my voice that I hate him too and all he says is "No you don't. You love me."

Fuck yes, I do. How did you know.

pondělí 14. listopadu 2011

14 November

On a small island in the middle of the lake, fighting against some baddies, who are some creatures made of fire, that can still burn under the water.

Then I am in a beautiful dark forest in the middle of the night, following some guy I know and fell for, he tells me that he's going the other way and he shows no interest. So I go away, hoping to crash into him some other time.

I enter the theatre I work at, wearing new shoes on heels, the man who works behind the cash desk is surprised to see me in something different than my usual Steel boots. I know I am there too early, but I still wait for some performance (wtf, why?) to end. I am (no idea why) on the place for cloakroom and there are three other guys and we have some fake guns and we try to "kill" each other from two teams - snipers and attackers. I manage to "kill" one of the snipers and then try to "kill" the other one, but he is too far away.

neděle 30. října 2011

30 October 2011

Something like a park, soon looking like a graveyard. Many people going around, I realize it's a time of WW2. Phew. Some nazis going around, being nazis to other people, bullying jews and stuff like that. In order to keep myself safe, someone just gets me nazi uniform and I "become" one of them.

Then I notice some guy, who is supposedly my husband (wtf) and I just run to him, hug him and tell him I missed him so. Apparently, there is another woman with him, dunno who, but I don't care who she is. And then there are some kids, who are supposed to be mine (double wtf). They are browsing through some pictures and I tell them those are famour czech gothic cathedrals and that I want to take them there.

End of story I didn't quite understood.

pátek 14. října 2011

14 October 2011

A city, similar to a british village (though I know it is a city). Dark sky, dramatic clouds, but the city is light. I am carrying a bottle of wine and notice a helicopter landing. It has a finnish flag on it, I have no idea what the hell is a finnish helicopter doing there.

Then I have seen some small tornadoes, black spirals going aroudn there. I grab my camera and try to take a picture of them. Some boy besides me accidentally gets caught by the wind whirl, but nothing happens to him.

I am in a train/bus/whatever and some guy is talking to me. He starts to touch my hands and then he kisses me. I told him to stop and I go away.

A glass house, with beautiful interior, toned to purple and black. Everything matches nicely. Someone walks to me and gives me money, like a big amount of money, about 3500 CZK (yea thats kinda a big amount for me, shut up) and says "because you deserve it."